Equipped For Better From Day One

Forty years ago, it was easy to find innovative medical equipment – but hard to get that equipment cared for. As manufacturers focused on developing new technologies, their repairs and refurbishments fell to the backburner, often resulting in long waits and high costs for healthcare facilities.

That’s when Prescott’s decided to make service a priority. After starting out in surgical microscope distribution and refurbishment, founders Paul and Judy Redner realized that the best way to serve healthcare facilities wasn’t just to provide great equipment. They also needed to keep that equipment performing its best with better- trained technicians, faster response times, and a customer-first focus.

And soon after, trailblazing companies across the country did the same for other kinds of medical equipment. Heartland Medical, Adepto, Pioneer BioMedical, and PM Medical offered superior service for everything from monitors to sterilizers.

Today, these companies have come together to make life even better for healthcare professionals – giving them a single vendor for all their equipment needs. We’re dramatically reducing downtime, simplifying equipment management, and saving thousands of dollars for our clients. From local clinics to national providers, now everyone can have the tools they need to provide the best possible care.

Prescott’s • Be Equipped For Better

Avoid The Do-Overs

Skip The Delays

Ditch The Hassles

The equipment you sent out for repair is finally back. The bad news? It isn’t fixed. So, instead of getting back to business as usual, you’ve been on the phone with customer service all afternoon, having one awkward conversation after another.

This isn’t the first time – and you have a feeling it won’t be the last. You get that mistakes are a part of life. You just wish they weren’t such a big part of yours.

With Prescott’s, you can avoid the do-overs – because things should work right the first time.

Now you can:

  • Rely on certified, factory-trained technicians who are as knowledgeable about the latest technologies as they are about older models.
  • Get quality repairs for all of your equipment, no matter the manufacturer or malfunction, with skilled technicians who are trained to handle anything.
  • Skip repeat repair orders when you work with an ISO 13485 certified service provider.
  • Never question the quality of your refurbished or repaired equipment because your purchase comes backed with an industry-leading two-year warranty.

The OR is down, and you don’t know for how long. You know as every hour passes more surgeries will be canceled and patients will be left waiting. But right now you’re sitting on hold until someone finally tells you that a tech won’t be available for days. The parts they need won’t be available for weeks. And a costly replacement is on backorder for months. It’s the same every departments you support. You need to get everything – including this OR – operating now, but it feels like no one is in a hurry to help you.

With Prescott’s, you can skip the delays – because in your world, every minute counts.

Now you can:

  • Get a technician on site sooner with a nationwide provider that offers 24/7/365 service.
  • Never wonder about the status of an order because you’re guaranteed to get a response within 24 hours.
  • Minimize downtime disruptions because you’ll have access to high- quality loaner equipment while your repairs are being made.
  • Get the parts you need ASAP because we have a robust inventory of refurbished equipment that’s ready to ship at a moment’s notice.

Your time and energy are precious resources. But somehow, you keep getting stuck wasting effort on complicated order forms. And rescheduling no-show service appointments. And handling the shipping for repair orders all by yourself. On top of all this, you’re juggling multiple vendors who are constantly trying to lock you into service contracts that don’t serve all your needs. You’re looking for someone who will be there to support you and your business, not the other way around.

With Prescott’s, you can ditch the hassles – because your vendor should make your life easier, not harder.

Now you can:

  • Run your business your way with customizable service plans and no-risk contracts that include a 30-day exit clause.
  • Spend less time on logistics when you can have your equipment picked up, serviced, and then delivered to your door.
  • Skip the busy work with a streamlined online ordering process that you can complete in minutes.
  • Feel the love when you partner with a vendor that prioritizes customer service and has a 95%+ customer satisfaction rating.

How does it work? How about a success story?

Inoperable ORs get back online in under 24 hours with Prescott’s

Picture this … you’re a trusted local hospital that has been serving your community for more than a hundred years. After starting with just seven beds, you’ve grown into a thriving organization with everything from a modern outpatient surgery center to a new, $100M emergency department.
But, you’re about to have to cancel at least six weeks’ worth of surgeries. When a faulty air compressor contaminates all 14 of your anesthesia machines, your OEM says you’ll have to replace every one – but that they can’t deliver the new machines for nearly two months. And until they arrive, every OR in your hospital will remain closed.

So, you turn to Prescott’s. Within hours, we have all the machines you need on a truck heading your way. And instead of forcing you to buy the equipment, we offer them on loan so that you have time to figure out the long-term solution that’s best for you. Then, we work through the night to get everything installed, safety checked, and ready for surgeries the next morning.

Now, not only are you up and running in less than 24 hours, but you’re also on your way to a better permanent solution. Because with Prescott’s, whether you choose to repair, buy refurbished, or even buy and maintain new equipment, our streamlined process ensures you save time, save money, and get doctors and nurses the tools they need.

Inoperable ORs get back online in under 24 hours with Prescott’s

Picture this … you’re a university hospital nationally known for specialty care. With nearly 1,500 beds, you’re also the largest hospital in your city – and excited to continue growing.

But, too many of your monitors are stuck waiting for repairs, rather than working in hospital rooms. Every time you send a unit off, it’s gone for at least three months. Just keeping track of where they all are is a huge headache for you – not to mention all the problems that shortages can cause for your medical teams.

So, you turn to Prescott’s. We offer a complimentary repair so you can try our service without any risk or hassle. And when you discover that we can get your units back within a week – and simplify the whole ordering and shipping process, too – you quickly shift the majority of your repairs over to us.

Now, you always have the units you need. And that’s not only because repairs get done right away, but also because you can afford more units when you purchase refurbished equipment